Basketball players evaluations, tactical fundamentals, the interactions in analyzing basketball.

Evaluation of the basketball performance, the right analysis and selection of basketball players, teaching methods with true motivation are important and essential functions of all coaches. Everybody wants to know the value of the player’s performance with correct ratings, with the defensive ratings on the same high standard as the offensive ratings. It is the never ending seek after the basketball truth, the player’s performance value, Dean Oliver’s so-called: “Holy Grail of basketball”.

Kevin Pelton’s questions in his article “Evaluating APBR Metrics”: 26 March 2009.
Can we boil a basketball player’s value down to a single number? “ 
We think: “Can we boil a basketball player’s performance value…”: Yes, we can! 

What better describes a player’s (performance) value: his individual statistics or plus-minus data describing his impact on the team?
We have new questions:
What is the best masterpiece: the book or the film, or the two complementing each other?
Can we milk the Milky Way with the help of Mendeleev and find the weight of the planets?
Can we milk the stats (cut into bits) of the box score and find the player’s performance value, basketball’s Holy Grail?